4 Facts Every Beginner Should Know about Paragliding

You must know the word paragliding. Well, when you hear the word, the first thing that appears in your mind is that it is something that gives you a thrilling experience. Actually, it is absolutely right. Paragliding is more than awesome. Generally, everyone can opt for this. People from all ages can go for it. Though there is a wrong notion among some people that it is not a safe sports activity. Yet, if you find the track record of any reputed company that organizes this sports activity, you can get assured how safe this activity is.

Here in this blog, you are going to explore some important facts related to this flight. So, quickly check these out owing to have better and clear idea related to this topic.


1)    Hang Gliding and Paragliding Are Not Same

Some people think that the hang gliding and paragliding are synonymous but, this is absolutely a wrong notion. Though there are lots of similarities among these two sports activities, yet some major differences lie between them. The first difference lies between their structures. While the former have a rigid structure, the latter has a soft structure. Apart from the structure, there is a speed difference. The former has more speed than the latter. So, for the beginner, the second option is the best. In this respect, it can be said that paragliding in South Africa is quite famous.

2)    Comfortable and Exciting Experience

Many people think that they cannot enjoy the experience in this outdoor sports activity because of extreme fear. They will feel uncomfortable because they will be distracted by the fear of unsafe. But if you hire an experienced and renowned agency that organizes this activity, it can be assured that you will feel absolutely comfortable and get excited when having this sports activity.

3)     It’s Not Dangerous At All

It is actually one of the safest sports activities that can provide you an ecstatic experience, worthy of cherishing for the lifetime. For the beginners, it may seem to them that it is hazardous. But if you take help from experienced as well as adept guide, you can have a safe flight experience. Apart from this, you should have the quality equipment, owing to get assurance about the safety.

4)    Motorized Paragliding is More Convenient

Powered paragliding is quite convenient to have a better flight experience. In this mode of flight, the pilots put on a motor on his back that helps him to have enough thrust so that he can take off easily. Moreover, unlike the paragliding, this flight is apt for taking off almost in any places.

See, how interesting this outdoor sports activity is. If you have a dream of soaring high like a hawk and to explore the sky, quickly opt for this, to have a thrilling experience.